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Lights, Camera, Activity

Got a cell phone or a DSLR? Include a mouthpiece and you’re prepared to film your first course from your home or any place you happen to be.

Camera bashful? No Worries. Use Screen-casting Software, as Camtasia, to screen-cast demos.

How we help you

Our help group is accessible to help and offer free and/or paid audit of your recordings. What’s more, our Online Teacher Network (OTN) is here to offer you counsel and motivation.

Build Your Community


Make tests, activities, and assignments to your student intelligence.

Compose welcome messages for your students and answer their inquiries.

Since eLearnAfrik student do not simply watch, they do.

How we help you

We give all the devices to Informing, Q&As, Course Declarations, and Tests, across the board on one spot.