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Due to the international bans on making payment to some foreign countries, your card type might not be going through to make payment on our platform, if you ever encounter such credit card processing error , please don't fail to write to us to further assist you on payment.
When buying a course on our platform, we promise a 30 days money back guarantee if you decide to change your mind to cancel your order.
Yes! is powered by APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE which is a registered Business Name in the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja is an e-learning platform developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It also integrates a reward system for bloggers, participants, and other related persons who may wish to promote the website through affiliate links. With this Affiliate Marketing Program, seeks to provide SMEs Support Services and tools to help them manage and grossly sustain their businesses profitably. is the digital version of Applesoft Business Institute (ABI) which started operations on the 20th of November, 2006 (over 11 years). It is an Online Training Platform (E-Learning) which aims at eliminating unnecessary process encountered by students seeking to study one course or the other in our conventional Universities.

With, we intend to reduce physical contact as much as possible by conducting lectures online. Our focus shall be on functional and qualitative education geared towards training and mentoring registered member to become world-class superstars in entrepreneurship. houses qualified Business Mentors and Lecturers willing to impact positively to our students.

We understand that you need training to excel in our globalized economy today. You need re-currency in every field of study today, including entrepreneurship; what you know yesterday is not enough to meet the challenges of today.

With a subscription in Dollars equivalent, per month or per year, you are simply set for a global manifestation. The good news is that the payment automatically qualifies you for enlistment into our BBC (Basic Business Certificate) program, LBC (Leadership in Business Certificate) program and LBDC (Leadership in Business Diploma Certificate) program. These series of lectures you shall receive through digital means; among which include: E-books, Special Reports, Articles, Blog Posts, Audio-Visuals and special resourceful links. is an Entrepreneurial E-learning Website with an integration of a “Refer-A-Friend and Earn Commission” program. It is not a pyramid scheme, a ponzi program, a scam, or another Multi-Level Marketing program. Rather, has a social means of compensating her members/students/participants who may decide to refer their friends to her.

General Accounts and Affiliate Faqs

You can decide to change your account name if you wish to but must not change your account name in your affiliate account dashboard as it should correspond to your bank name to enable us pay you your affiliates earning.
There are many process to unsubscribe to our daily newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time if you think our mail disturb you and no longer want to subscribe to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe anytime, we too hate spamming email as well.
Password should be your unique online secret alone unless you trust your friends, you can reset your password at any given time of the day. Just simply go your dashboard and navigate to account and security and reset your password there.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to [email protected]
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses and try refreshing your browser and clearing cookies.
Joining elearnafrik afiiliate program is not restricted to anybody, you can join elearnafrik affiliate program anytime any day but one email address. pays you up according to the volume of affiliate sales commission generated, less basic charges. You can make millions promoting provides you the opportunity of making residual income through the power of leverage. However, we do not guarantee your earning because your earning depends on your productive and positive activities; just like every other business. Your speed and accomplishment are functions of your conscious determination, dedication and grace.
As a member of, you stand to enjoy the following benefits: Access to our books and materials at discounted prices.

Be the first to get all our published materials.

Firsthand access on the latest (First hand) information on our Seminars, Webinars, and other trainings, and enjoy FREE tickets or at a discounted price. Access to FREE life-impacting and destiny-molding e-books, audio-visual materials, and manuals.

Access to FREE or discounted MENTORSHIP program by the Team. Ability to publish your book at the fastest speed ever at little or no cost.

Access to our MONEY-MAKERS AFFILIATE SECRET program and constantly receive affiliate links that are bound to transform your life and make MORE MONEY FOR YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Access to our newsletters on consistent basis.

Other Benefits:

Humanitarian Services: We constantly pay visits to the numerous motherless homes within reach, we help the needy and the less privileged with finances to pay their school fees, cloth themselves, and feed well. We also visit the aged, the sickly at hospitals and at homes and also take care of the widows.

Human Capacity Development: We run online FREE and DISCOUNTED e-book services to all subscribers. We also organize FREE and DISCOUNTED Skill Acquisition programs and offer financial aids to graduating students; through our Affiliate Program amidst the certificates of participation we offer them to enhance their chances of being employed; for those who may wish to work for and with others. Thus, we help our members generate passive residual income while learning from us. We also aim at offering FREE Medical Services to some people in the rural areas. We are generally passionate about helping people.

Members of are not subject to compulsory buying and selling of products.

You enjoy cheap entry access.

With, you can earn money instantly, place withdrawal immediately, and receive payment within 72 hours, except our daily payment limit has been reached or the queue is much. is online. Thus, with access to internet via your phone, iphone, laptop, or desktop, you are good to go!

With, you stand the opportunity of earning awards and rewards as you build your team.v You also enjoy unlimited access to our affiliated blog posts. You enjoy Free and discounted access to our seminars organized across the major cities of the world.

You enjoy Free and discounted online Consulting Services through our Customer Services Unit and huge discount for consultation with the Founder/President and top management personnel’s on your personal issues.

You also enjoy over 30% discount on all our other services like: Website Designing and Hosting, Online PR and Digital Advertisement Services, SEO Optimization Consulting Services, Global Digital Book Publishing and Marketing Services, among others.

The benefits of membership are simply irresistible!
Password should be your unique online secret alone unless you trust your friends, you can reset your password at any given time of the day. Just simply go your dashboard and navigate to account and security and reset your password there.
No! We do not use this medium to gather money from people as a crowd funding opportunity; rather, is a platform for the SELLING of our well-packaged entrepreneurship transformative and informative products through a well-articulated Affiliate Marketing Program.

The money our members pay, while registering and subscribing on our website, is not an investment for a targeted monetary profiting, or, an IOU which we owe them; rather, it is money paid for our Online Training Program.

However, for those who may wish to refer others to us (Which is optional), has a Reward System that pays them.

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